We are Red Ride. We are your one stop shop for all your transport needs in Chiang Mai. Need to rent a motorbike? We have them. Need to rent a car? We have them. Need to be picked up from the airport? Need to move something? Need to make a visa run to the border? We’re here for you.

Our bikes are maintained to a western standard, which isn’t always the case in Thailand. You can trust that we look after our bikes the way we look after our children. We even name them! It just makes good business sense to care for the bikes that carry our customers. Not every breakdown, flat tire or miscellaneous problem can be avoided, but we actively seek to limit them by ensuring our bikes get the brakes checked, fluids changed, tires replaced and engines serviced even more frequently than is recommended. This ensures a safer ride for you, as well as less problems, which means less issues for us to resolve. As such, it’s worth it to us to put in the extra effort up front to make sure you’re getting what you want; reliable transport.
Our cars are just as important to us. We keep them clean and over-maintained because again, this just prevents you from having problems and us having to resolve those issues. You might be surprised to find out how short sighted other vendors can be, often not doing any maintenance or cleaning of their fleet at all until someone complains. Yes, that literally happens in Chiang Mai. So instead of going with some faceless corporate outfit whose business model seems to be “there’s always another sucker that’ll put up with it”, why not go with someone who actually cares about customer service and solid support?
And lastly, once you are here, if you need to make a border run for your visa, or just a trip up to the hospital and don’t feel confident about driving yourself, or maybe just need something big hauled somewhere, let us know. We value our customers and seek to help with whatever transport needs they may have. Bike, car or truck, we are here for you!

Here's what our customers have to say about us...

Excellent service! Great price, our driver Rung, was awesome. Recommended rental company in Chiang Mai

Des M.

Just got back from our border run to Mae Sai. Superb service from start to finish.Will certainly recommend to others and use again in future.

Mat M.

Rented a bike for a week and this has easily been the best service I've had yet in Thailand. Key points for me: no passport needed, customer service was clear and friendly, price wasx cheap, the bike was delivered to my location and came with a full gas tank! Will definitely rent again, thanks!

Damien M.

Amazing service and great prices. Very professional and helpful.Highly recommended!!!

Irma F.

Great service and units. We have rented a car from them twice in the last two weeks and we had no problems, the units are perfect conditions and the service couldn't be better.

Cristy G. N.

I used to rent in other pLace but the last few times I rented always from Red Ride. best price,bikes well maintained , dropped to your place. Good communication -In case you have some problem with bike just call owner and will show up immediately.

Patryk Z.

Wonderful friendly service, very convenient, highly recommended! If you need wheels in Chiang Mai go with the best- Red ride!

Doug S.

Love Red Ride ! We rented Cherry cola and chocolate (Honda Spacy) scooters for two months while living in Chiang Mai and were impressed with the quality of the bikes and service. They make it so easy , dropping the bikes off to us , giving us insight and tips for safety and the reality of riding here and were most helpful in guiding us to sort out a flat tyre, plus encouragement and tips for a 2 day trip to Chiang Rai (over 180 kms round trip). Definitely recommend Red Ride for their friendly,no hassles and quality service and bikes.Will rent from them again for sure.

Lauren C.