Red Ride offer three distinct services:

First, we have a fleet of motorbikes for rent. We have listed a few, but our fleet covers a variety of sizes, colors and models. Our bikes run from 110-155cc fully automatics (the most popular choice) to manual 250cc sportbikes for those looking for something a little more powerful. Our 110cc Honda Spaceys are generally for a single rider, though it can be used for 2 smaller riders in a pinch. If you are going to be doubling up, we suggest getting at least a 125cc Honda Click. If you are a couple, or you’re a larger sized person and want a little extra power, we advise choosing our 155cc Yamaha Nmax. Not all bikes are available at all times, but we will work with you as best we can. Giving us advance notice greatly helps.


Click 125i (auto)


Nmax 155 (auto)


Spacey 110 (auto)


CBR 150 (manual)


5 speed manual bikes


CBR 250 (manual)

In addition to having bikes for rent, we also have a few smaller cars for rent as well. If you are just not comfortable on two wheels, then go for four. We understand that not everyone wants to ride a motorbike, so in these cases we can supply a modern, economical car that is meticulously maintained to a western standard so that it won’t leave you stranded somewhere. When it comes to driving in Thailand, we recommend not trusting 3rd world shade tree mechanics that don’t really care about the vehicles in their megafleet. Rent from someone who makes it a priority to keep the car in tip top shape. Even if you don’t rent from us, please ensure that whatever you rent has actually been serviced and maintained so that you don’t have problems that you then are blamed for later. Check the tires, the fluids, etc.


Lastly, we offer transport services. This is where you get both a vehicle and a driver for the day or even for multiple days. If you want a slower, safer ride to one of the local attractions, we are here for you. Or if you have medical appointments, we can help. Perhaps you need to make a visa run to the border but don’t want to be treated like a human sardine and crammed into a speeding microbus with 10 strangers, we can take you. Or maybe you need to move something a bit too large for a bike or a car to handle, we have a long bed pickup truck to handle that. Whatever your transport needs are, Red Ride is here to help.