What are your prices?

Our prices for renting either motorbikes or cars are comparable to the rates our competitors charge. The rates are fairly standard for renting bikes and cars in Chiang Mai. The big difference is the level of maintenance the vehicle receives and the level of customer service you receive. Bikes run from 800-2000 baht per week and 2000-5000 baht per month for our fully automatics, depending on the size and style of bike you want. Obviously the bigger the bike, the more expensive it is because it was more expensive for us to purchase initially. Cars run 990 baht per day, 5000 baht per week or 14,900 per month. And for a vehicle and a driver, we currently charge 1200 baht per half day (4 hours or less) and 2400 for a full day (up to 8 hours), which includes the cost of fuel. Please bear in mind that prices are subject to change, but as of 2017 these are our standard rates.

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